Success Stories

Success stories powered by CSF

Proven customer projects are presented in this section and you can read why our customers chose solutions by CSF Solutions as well as gain insight into the corresponding course of the project.

Sortimo international GmbH: Mobilization of the IT

So far Sortimo International GmbH have handled their export declaration processes via a third-party system. The goal of the needed IT-Modernization project was to find a solution that is closely connected with the existing SAP® ERP-System and fully-integrated at the same time. Sortimo have found the ideal product for their requirement with the ATLAS/AES-Cockpit for SAP-Systems by CSF Solutions GmbH.
Read the entire success story here and how Sortimo International GmbH were able to cut their effort for creating export declarations in half.

SCHÄFER WERKE: A custom IT-project

In order to do the SCHÄFER WERKE company’s philosophy of quick realization of customer wishes justice a functional software solution in the Compliance department is needed. The CSF Solutions GmbH was able to convince with their Zerberus CMC for SAP-Systems which puts funcionality as well as in-depth integration into the ERP-Systems and the professional competence of their consultants.
Read the complete success story here.

thyssenkrupp AG: Constructing an IT-project together for tomorrow


Efficient VAT management is part of successfully leading a global company like thyssenkrupp. The CSF-Group has proven to be an appropriate partner for this product as well and offered the perfect solution for the industrial corporation with the user-friendly GLB-portal. Thanks to the CSF-Group’s portal implementation thyssenkrupp managed to lower their VAT risk significantly.
Read the story in its entirety here how the GLB-Portal software was integrated successfully into the existing SAP-environment through the IT-project between thyssenkrupp and the CSF-Group and how the company’s organizational effort could be minimized.