Additional PEP-Content by info4c for your business partner screening:

info4c is the global provider for high-quality and individualized Compliance-Information. More than 10 years ago the company was founded as a Swiss pioneer for specialized Compliance-Reports. For many years the CSF-Group established itself successfully as a provider of solutions for complying with anti-terrorist regulations with its SAP®- and Non-SAP®-products on the market.

More and more companies need to make sure they comply with the regulations concerning money laundering due to rising requirements in this area and fighting terrorism. Not only complying with EU-Regulations regarding Anti-Terrorism Acts is mandatory but it is also important to control  the risks that result from the anti-money laundering law through financial transactions of illegally acquired funds. The info4c and CSF solutions serve to comply with relevant laws and to meet the corresponding purpose as efficiently as possible: Know your customer, anti-money laundering (AML), prevention of financing terrorism, fraud and corruption (e.g. requests of US FCPA and the UK Bribery Act).

With the PEP Desk content-product (politically exposed persons database) by info4c which was already introduced today to thousands of insurance- and big, globally active companies, the Zerberus-Products by CSF Solutions are extended by a new PEP-Content-Component by one of the leading  suppliers in this field, info4c. Info4c delivers the content and CSF Solutions the software.

In addition to the PEP DeskTM-Content Info4c also offers a Watchlists Database with a large number of lists which cover the additional requirements of compliance, risk and reputation management.

Watchlists not only contain warnings from supervisory authorities of financial intermediaries like BaFin, FMA, CBFA, FINMA, CNMV, MAS, FCA, but also “Wanted” lists by police authorities, governments, national and international investigating authorities (Interpol, FBI, DEA, DIA and so on), lists by international Courts of Justice, orders, persons being banned form employment and parties having their license deprived – all issued by government- and international authorities.