Sanction list screening made easy:

CSF-Group has established itself successfully many years ago as a provider of foreign trade- and compliance solutions with its products in SAP®- and Non-SAP® on the market. The integration of Zerberus®-Solutions in the KWP Solution-Portfolio offers the chance to deepen the topic of complying with the anti-terrorism regulation in the area of HR-Processes in the future because these EU-regulations are to be complied with in the HR-department as well, especially when hiring applicants. The regulations VO (EG) No. 881/2002, No. 2580/2001 and VO (EU9 No. 753/2011 aim to sanction persons, groups and organizations linked to terrorism consequently which means not directly or indirectly providing them neither with money or financial assets nor economical resources. Companies have to make sure that all relevant business contacts are verified regularly. With KWP team HR GmbH’s experience conducting international HCM-projects CSF aims to integrate the SAP-implemented solution Zerberus® into the life cycle of human resource processes and to close the “loop” to logistic departments consequently because the anti-terrorism topic is often applied for debtors and creditors.

KWP team HR