Electronic Customs processing

For various years now customs processes are conducted electronically in Germany. Germany created the corresponding conditions to handle exports the electronic way since the August 1st 2006 and from April 1st 2010 and on the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) was introduced for procurement of goods subject to excise duty and under duty suspension. Since the year of 2011 all transport under duty suspension within the union has to be opened up and finalized electronically in the EMCS. National shipping processes under duty suspension in Germany are also affected by this.
The processes are so familiar by now that the current focus is optimizing these processes. Essential issues are improving the functionality, optimizing message exchange, improving usability as well as raising system stability and –security.
Our solutions aim for an optimal implementation of electronic procedures like “ATLAS” and “EMCS”. We support optimizations in the SAP®-supported realization of the swiss Customs process “EDEC” as well.