Value Added Tax

According to the current Value Added Tax Law solely the entrepreneur bears the burden of prove the requirements for tax exemption are met. At this point you are obliged to prove the prerequisite for tax exemption to finance management. If the entrepreneur is not able to deliver proof with relevant receipts or accounting, not completely able or does not deliver in a timely manner one can assume that the requirements for tax exemption of intra-community supply are not met and the delivering company has to anticipate delicate retrospective tax payments!
Companies are obliged to verify the validity of the Value Added Tax-ID of a buyer in other countries of the EU. The verification service VAT-ID-Checker for SAP®-Systems simply and comfortably uses the Federal Central Tax Office’s (DE) interfaces as well as the ones from the EU-Commission (MIAS).
Additionally new burdens of proof apply to the presence of a value added tax freed intra-community delivery since the year of 2012. With the so-called entry certificate proof has to be rendered that the goods actually reached their destination. Our EU-Monitor for SAP®-Systems offers you a quick and easy way to exchange entry certificates with your buyer within the European Union. This solution is optimized by our GLB-Online Portal which enables you to an automated process via modern web solution design.